Application process

How your job application will go

Interested? We have specified below how the job application will go!

Step 1:

Apply via Email

Have you seen a nice vacancy or would you like to make an open application? Please send us your CV and letter of motivation.

Step 2:

Application assessment

After receipt of your application, our HR manager and the relevant department will check whether a first interview is necessary. Because the starting days can vary per position, we will initially acknowledge receipt of your application and give you an approximate interview session period.

Step 3:

First interview

This is when you are invited to get acquainted. During the first interview you will get to know Maxilia a little bit and hear about what the job entitles. We will be happy to learn about you, about what makes you tick and hear what you are looking for in your ideal job.

Step 4:

Second interview + meet the team

On your second interview you will meet the team and spend a couple of hours with your future colleagues in the relevant department. This is the best way to have an idea of what the position entitles and to see whether this is your dream job.

Step 5:


After the second interview we will contact you. Are you still super enthusiastic after some time spent with the team? Do we think you will fulfil your dreams in the position? then we will offer you a contract.

Do you have any questions about your application?