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“If it can’t be done as it should be, then do it the best way you can.” SEO, SEA, automation flows, conversion and email campaigns etc. Where does your strength lie? We continue to develop every day to help our customers faster and more easily.


“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure”. Good service, speed, clear advice, a good sense of humour: that’s what our sales team offer their customers. How would you contribute to our sales team?

What colleagues say

Maxilia is a young and innovative company, which helps you to grow and develop yourself the way you want.
Nils Neeland
Order Entry
At Maxilia you have the best team, not only colleagues, but friends.
Stephanie Hofer

Order Entry

Dashboards packed with order flows. We purchase and if something doesn’t add up, we solve it. Planning a special shipment or making sure that all small details are properly checked? we do everything to please our customers! Are you, too, a jack-of-all-trades?


Pizza, Red Bull and gaming? Not for quiet tea lovers! At Maxilia we build our own systems with PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python and we ensure that our colleagues get better and better tools in order to help our customers faster and more efficiently. What are your skills and how do you want to develop them further?

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“First we have some coffee, then we start our day” All questions about invoicing, banking, budgeting, basically everything to do with figuresdaring dreaming comes to us. It doesn’t matter if this is for Spain, Germany or France, as long as all transactions are properly processed at the end of the day! Will you give a good account of yourself?


“The great thing about advertising is primarily creating, in all forms.” Visuals, mood boards, vectors and inspiration. In the design team, we answer all questions regarding logos and artwork. And that can go very far! For example, We once received a blurred picture of a business card with the request to print a logo on it. Could you deal with those challenges?


Pencils, bags or chopsticks, we search every product. 16.000 we already have in our system but this is not enough. When we find another jewel, we place them in our system, create beautiful product data, images and content and make sure the customer gets the best service when they order them. Are you always looking for something new and better to surprise our customers?

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